Athens is a touristic city, therefore there is a variety of accommodation options. 

For your convenience, we provide a list of hotels located near the University campus.

The proposed list is not restrictive and availability is not guaranteed. In general, early June when the conference takes place, is a high demand period. Therefore, we urge you to make arrangements for your accommodation as early as possible (PREFERABLY BY EARLY MARCH) 

Proposed accommodation options:

  1. Hotel @Syngrou Fix
  2. Filopappou Hill Suites by Athens Stay
  3. The Convo Syngrou Apartments
  4. Ilissos Hotel
  5. Supreme Luxury Suites by Athens Stay
  6. Art Gallery Hotel
  7. Thisean Modern Suites
  8. Parea Athens
  9. Emporikon Athens Hotel
  10. Great Living Koukaki
  11. Hercules Residence
  12. Jason Inn