The Conference Program has been uploaded on the website, in the section “Program” of the Conference 

Instructions for Oral Presentations We kindly ask you to follow the instructions below: 

  • The time available for each presentation is 15 minutes. Depending on time availability in the session the Chair will decide on and allocate 3-5 minutes for questions. You will get more information from your session Chair.
  • All presentations must be structured in pdf format only.
  • Make note of the allotted time for your presentation.
  • Please send your presentation to the Conference email ( at least one day before your presentation is scheduled to take place. For instance, if you are presenting on Monday, you must send your presentation by late Saturday or early Sunday. Please indicate in your email the title of the parallel session that your presentation has been allocated to.
  • The presentations for each session will be saved in Google Drive cloud online and will be downloaded on the local computer before the start of each parallel session. However, please carry a USB stick containing your presentation as a back-up in case of technical or other problems.
  • Arrive at your session a few minutes in advance so there is time to set everything up together with the Chair.
  • If you absolutely need to use your own computer, please contact the Chair to make specific arrangements and make sure to have all the required adaptors. However, for technical and security reasons, we discourage such practice.

  Instructions for the Chairs of the parallel sessions  

  • The names of the Chairs of each session are shown in the detailed program of the Conference.
  • The oral presentations for each session will have been downloaded on the local computer in the room where the session takes place.
  • Participants have been asked to bring their presentation in USB sticks as well, in case they cannot find their presentation in the local computer.
  • On the desk of each room the Chairs will find the contact details of the organization staff in case they need technical assistance.
  • Each oral presentation lasts 15 minutes.
  • The time allocated for questions is approximately 3 – 4 minutes per presentation. Questions may be asked either directly after each presentation or at the end of the session. This is up to the Chairs to decide.

Instructions for poster presenters

  • The poster presentation session will take place on Sunday 2nd June at 18.30 – 20.00.
  • Poster presenters are required to arrive a few hours earlier at the University Campus (by 16.00) to hang their posters in the designated positions.
  • The Conference organizers will indicate the designated position for your poster, will provide the necessary pins and duct tape, and may also assist you to hang your poster in place.
  • The maximum size of each poster is set at 1 meter by 1 meter.
  • Poster presenters should have their posters printed out.
  • Posters will remain hanging throughout the duration of the Conference.
  • On the final day of the Conference, you may remove your poster after lunch break and take it with you in case you are leaving early, otherwise you may remove it at the end of the conference.