Step 1 – Shortlisting of abstracts - A short-list of 28 abstracts out of 201 in total has been compiled on the basis of the comments and proposals of the reviewers (all of them members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference).  

Step 2 - Top 3 selection - The Awards Committee composed of five members (three members from the Board and two members from the Local Organizing Committee) will select the top 3 presentations (one winner + two runners-up) by attending in person the 33 oral presentations of the shortlist during the conference. The selection criteria are the following:

  • Relevance with respect to the conference theme “Risk in Time and Space”
  • Pan-European added value
  • Clear aim and research questions / entirety of the work (i.e. a presentation making clear reference to objectives, methodology and results)
  • Strong link to risk theory
  • Clear reference to the connection / feedback between theory and practice
  • Novelty / originality in terms of the objectives set and/or the methodology followed
  • Overall presentation quality