Professor Allan Lavell

Allan Lavell was born in England and has lived continuously in Latin America for 50 years. He has a PhD and M.Sc. in Economic Geography from the London School of Economics and Political Science-LSE. Specialist in urban and regional development, since 1989 he has been dedicated to the study of disaster risk and climate change and its management. Currently an associate researcher at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, Costa Rica, he has been a professor and researcher at the University of London, Middlesex University, the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico and UNAM, the Central American Higher University Council and the University of Costa Rica. He has written more than 150 chapters, articles, documents and scientific books on the topics of risk and disasters and urban development, has given more than 150 international conferences in 42 countries around the world and has carried out nearly 90 consultancies in 32 countries on five continents.  He has been a member of numerous global and regional scientific committees and editorial boards of journals and books and was a co-founder of the Network for Social Studies in Disaster Prevention in 1992. He has been a recipient of the UN Sasakawa Prize. in 2015 from 88 applicants, in recognition of his contributions to the development of risk management worldwide.